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The author’s son jokes that she is an ornery old woman who lives with her crotchety old husband in the woods of New Hampshire, but that her greatest joy is watching her grandson, Pip, on his great adventures. There may be a bit of truth in that statement.

Hollie is a nurse and a business owner. Although she has had the opportunity to accomplish many things in her life, her greatest accomplishment is being a mother and grandmother. Hollie believes that there is no greater gift to the world than raising a strong and happy child. Children are our future and nurturing them along their journey is the hardest and most important job in the world; but raising a strong and happy child is the most rewarding job in the world. Now watching her son and daughter-in-law raise their children brings her an even greater level of joy. Without the pressures of being the primary caregiver, Hollie can fully enjoy the wonder of the world through Pip’s eyes.


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I was inspired to write Pip and the Big Steel Beam by watching the pure joy my grandson, Pip, has every time he gets to go into the steel plant. He loves to walk the shop floor and help his dad lock up for the night.

I hope that people see how excited children are at being a part of their parent’s world. They love being included in their work lives. They love to know what their parents do, who they know and helping their parents in their work.

It showcases a different aspect of construction that most people never see. Children love to see the big cranes erect the structural steel at construction sites. “Pip and the Big Steel Beam” gives a look into the process of structural steel fabrication and the people who make the big steel beams.

I am a second generation owner of a structural steel fabrication company. Pip will be the fourth generation. Structural steel builds our country’s infrastructure such as our schools, hospitals and more. It is an old and essential industry. I have the honor of knowing some of the men and women who make the steel that builds our country. It is an honor to know them and be a part of their lives.

Each book in the “Pip’s Giving Series” is based on a bond between Pip and someone important in his life. The individual in each book then chooses a charity that was meaningful to them for the proceeds of their book to be donated to.

The trades offer critical career pathways for people. Welding is one such career path. Welding  offers opportunities to a broad range of applications while providing a good  income. “Pip and the Big Steel Beam” not only showcases welding within the structural steel industry but also supports individuals coming into the welding field. A portion of the proceeds for “Pip and the Big Steel Beam” are given to the American Institute of Steel Construction’s Educational Foundation to support welding educational  scholarships.

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